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I am first and foremost a family man, a husband and a father. I understand the importance of providing my family with a stable home. I am working hard to help others to provide for their family.  

We bought my first property in 2013. I have seen investing in both single family properties and multi-family properties as an individual investor or with a group of investors.  Our primary real estate investment strategy is buy and hold as rental. This experience help us understand the different wants and needs that first time home buyers and real estate investors have. 

I have been a licensed pharmacist since 2012. I am still practicing at the top of my license as a pharmacy consultant while practicing as a full-time realtor. My pharmacy career has taught me to pay attention to the little details that can be the determining factors to a patient's survival. I approach real estate transaction with the same urgency and seriousness because your financial situation can affect your life the same way your health would.