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Brandon Rockhold


As both a member of the Kimberly Adams Team and the owner/manager of Vestra Realty Group (a Denver-based brokerage and property management firm) my journey in the real estate industry has been both unique and rewarding. My career began with owning a general contracting business while simultaneously dabbling in real estate investing. In 2009, I decided to shift my focus primarily to real estate, and have been specializing in long-term real estate investing and property management ever since.

What sets me apart in the industry is my willingness to challenge the status quo. I don't believe in adhering to the same old strategies and tactics that have been the norm for years. Instead, I am constantly seeking new and innovative ways to create value for my clients. Recently, this has involved moving my family to Texas in order to expand our investement opportunity to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) real estate market.

My professional philosophy is centered on delivering high-quality, transparent services. In an industry often viewed with skepticism and mistrust, I embrace the opportunity to go against the grain. I believe that the negative reputation in the property management industry largely stems from companies prioritizing profits over everything else. Contrary to this, I firmly believe that focusing on providing high-quality service and operating from a do-the-right-thing mantra, will organcally result in superior returns in the long run. My approach is all about prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of my clients, building trust, and providing value.

Outside of my professional life, I have a range of hobbies and interests that keep me engaged. I am an avid automotive racing enthusiast, enjoying designing, building, and tuning high-performance cars, and participating in races whenever possible. I also like to use my trade skills from my contracting days in home improvement projects. Additionally, I am an accomplished cook who loves preparing meals that bring friends and family together.

Above everything, my family is the most important aspect of my life. I have a wonderful wife and daughter who are the center of my world. No matter how busy my schedule gets, I always make sure to prioritize spending time with them. Whether it's playing together in the backyard, going for a family bike ride, or just spending a quiet night at home, the time I spend with my family is always cherished.

Looking back on my journey from contractor to real estate professional, I am proud of the work I have done and the impact I have been able to make and I feel very blessed to have enjoyed the level of success I have. I know there's still so much more to learn and accomplish, and I am tremendously excited about the future possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.